Commercial Form Decking

Nettles Construction Solutions is a wholesaler and distributor of commercial form decking for clients throughout the Midwest and South Central US with a focus on Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska.

What is commercial form decking?

Form decking (or form deck) is a permanent base for poured concrete slabs. Normally made of steel, form decking is fast and economical to install. In addition, the need for temporary wood forming is eliminated.

Form decking is typically used for lighter concrete pours like stairs in commercial buildings. Form decking has smaller corrugation and is lower gauge (22 or 26 gauge) than other types of decking we stock. Although form decking is cheaper than pan decking, it is made for smaller spans and needs to be supported every few feet.

What kinds of commercial form decking does Nettles supply?