Operable Partitions and Movable Walls

Operable partitions, also called movable walls, are crucial tools for space division and acoustical separation. They are commonly used across industries and applications–for example, in hotels that want to partition their ballroom to make more spaces available for different groups, conference centers, educational and healthcare institutions, and more.

At Nettles, we are proud to offer Kwik-Wall’s complete line of flat panels, accordion doors, glass walls, and self support systems, ActivWall’s folding exterior and interior glass walls, and Crown’s hydraulic upward acting doors. If you need help determining the best solution to meet your aesthetic, sound control, and space transformation needs, our experts can help.

In addition to installing new custom operable partition solutions, we can also service or repair your existing movable walls, regardless of brand or type.

Kwik-Wall operable partitions​

Kwik-Wall is the dominant industry leader for operable partitions and movable walls–especially after acquiring North American licensing rights for Hufcor products. These partition systems have gained an international reputation for expertly engineered design and top-tier workmanship. They are known for their quality construction, durability, aesthetic appeal, versatility, and easy and quiet operation. All Kwik-Wall products are custom-manufactured in Springfield, Illinois, to meet your specific needs.

Flat panels

Also called Airwalls, folding panel partitions, or room dividers, flat panels typically offer the best acoustical separation. They are also the most space and cost efficient partition option.

Flat panels are available in flexible layout and storage configurations, and it takes very little time or manual effort to set up your partition, allowing you to transform your spaces easily. When specifying, you can select manually operated single or hinged panels, or automated electric operable walls.

Kwik-Wall’s Series 3000 steel panels are 4” thick and extremely durable, designed to fit openings up to 30 feet tall and with unlimited widths. Series 3000 panels can achieve up to 56 STC.

Series 2000 panels are slightly less durable at 3” thick, but can still achieve STC ratings from 42 to 51 and are the most cost-effective operable wall choice.

Since becoming the Hufcor North American licensee, Hufcor 600 Series partitions are also available through Kwik-Wall, offering rugged panel construction, a smooth track, excellent operational and acoustical performance, and complex layouts up to 60 feet tall.

Glass walls​

Kwik-Wall glass walls combine the aesthetic appeal of glass with the functionality of a flat panel, creating a physical barrier with daylighting properties ideal for interior spaces and helping to achieve LEED® certification.

For transparent space separation solutions, Kwik-Wall offers Luminous Glass Walls. You can select either a full glass wall system, or add glass panel inserts to a steel-framed 3000 or 2000 Series operable wall project.

Luminous Glass Walls feature robust sound control, panel automation, smart glass, and multiple layout, configuration, and finish options. They are a high-performing and versatile solution to your space division needs.

Accordion doors​

Accordion partitions are the fastest and simplest movable wall solution. They can be easily pulled across an opening and latched into place, making them a great choice for spaces that will frequently need to be partitioned. 

The Kwik-Wall VL series is available in 35, 38, and 40 STC sound control. They are manually operated, with a variety of finish options, an easy grip handle, and a built-in air release system that allows for smoother operation.

The MK series is non-acoustic accordion partitions, perfect for applications where only visual separation is needed.


The comprehensive line of ActivWall moving wall systems is designed to allow door, window, and partition panels to easily fold or slide along a wall opening. Swing panels can be incorporated into any operable partition system. All ActivWall partitions are custom-manufactured in the United States.

Crown upward acting hydraulic bi-fold doors​

Manufactured by Crown Doors, these unique operable partition solutions hydraulically raise to open spaces without taking up any floor space. They are commonly used for exterior storefronts or dividing interior rooms. The hydraulic motors can be remotely hidden and the walls require no cables or straps, making them blend easily into any design aesthetic. Hydraulic bi-fold doors can be specified with single or insulated glazing, and a number of siding options.

Support systems for operable partitions and movable walls

Some rooms may be unable to accommodate the steel support needed for operable partitions. Kwik-Wall offers an engineered self support system for flat panels, accordion doors, and some movable glass walls. This solution eliminates the need to bring in structural engineering firms, steel beam suppliers, or fabricators for your operable partitions installation, and is ideal for tenant fit-out needs or upper-floor remodels.

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Have questions about Kwik-Wall operable partitions and which may be the best fit for your space? Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide to learn more.

Why choose Nettles as your operable partitions contractor?

Nettles Construction Solutions is one of the largest and most well-respected contractors and installers of operable partitions and movable walls in the country. We have decades of experience with all brands and types of operable partitions, and can work with you to determine the best solution to meet your space, design, acoustic, and budget needs.



Durable movable wall solutions can add value to your structure for decades. Nettles installed 40-foot-tall partitions in Kansas City’s convention center, Bartle Hall, over 30 years ago and they still work well today.

The amount of space depends on the type of operable partition. Flat panels are the most space-efficient solution. When not deployed, they are folded into a “storage pocket” that, when closed, blends in with the rest of the room.

Depending on the type of operable partition, we can achieve STC ratings of 50 or even higher, offering robust sound insulation capabilities.

The cost of your installation will depend on the type and size of partition required. Flat panels are typically the most cost-effective option.

We install Kwik-Wall, Crown, and ActivWall operable partitions, but can repair or service any brand.

We work with clients in Missouri and Kansas to provide and install the best operable partition solutions. We also provide service to all brands of partitions throughout the entire Midwest, including Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

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