Gypsum Roof Repair

The team at Nettles Construction Solutions has extensive experience repairing and replacing poured gypsum roof decks. We are a stocking distributor of Securock Gypsum-Concrete Patch, KeyDeck Wire Mesh, and Bulb Tee Supurlins. We can also provide turn-key repair and replacement services.

USG Securock®​

USG Securock™ Brand Gypsum-Concrete Patch is mill formulated and composed of specially calcined gypsum and wood chips or shavings. It is mixed at the job site with clean water only and poured in place as a patch for existing gypsum decks. USG Securock Gypsum-Concrete Patch is noncombustible and used in several UL-approved roof deck systems.

Securock Data Submittal

Keydeck® Mesh​

Nettles offers woven wire mesh used in monolithic roof decks and interstitial service space applications. KeyDeck woven wire mesh is commonly used in repair of poured gypsum roof decks. Keydeck mesh is made up of 2″ hexagonal mesh composed of woven 19-gauge galvanized wires with an additional 16-gauge galvanized longitudinal wire placed at every 3″ interval of its width.

218 Bulb Tees​

Bulb Tees are high strength, lightweight steel sections used as structural subpurlins in specialty roof decks such as Tectum Wood plank, poured Gypsum decks, and Span-Rock Gypsum plank decks. Bulb Tees also make excellent bond beam for anchoring structural members, providing a continuous strip for attachment and reinforcement.

Bulb Tee Flyer

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