FODS Trackout Mats

What are trackout mats?

Trackout mats mitigate the risks of aggregate being lodged in vehicle tires and transported into traffic.

Entrances and exits to construction worksites can get messy quickly–especially when you’re driving large equipment or heavy machinery over terrains such as turf or hardscape. Trackout mats (also called reusable construction entrances), were created to deform tires as vehicles pass over, without damaging the tire. Rows of staggered pyramids on the mat dislodge sediment, stone, and debris, ensuring that your vehicles don’t track mud, stones, and other worksite detritus onto main roads. 

Why are trackout mats important?

State and federal environmental regulations require that construction sites have systems in place to ensure that debris is not tracked into main thoroughfares or trafficked areas. Trackout mats help you ensure regulatory compliance by reducing construction site trackout onto roadways and preventing road hazards. 

Traditional construction entrances require 80-100 tons of rock to build, and the entrance must be constantly refreshed by hauling in additional gravel to cover the mud. Then, all contaminated waste must be disposed of in a landfill after the project is over. By using trackout mats instead of these traditional construction entrances, you can save significant time, money, and labor.

Why choose FODS for your trackout mats

Nettles is one of the largest and most well-respected distributors of FODS trackout mats. FODS leads the industry because their trackout mats are:

  • Easily traversable: Passenger vehicles, as well as large trucks and machines, can drive over FODS trackout mats.
  • Simple to stack and transport: FODS mats can be stacked and driven from worksite to worksite, and they take less than 30 minutes to install.
  • Versatile: FODS trackout mats can be installed and anchored to any substrate.
  • Reusable: FODS mats can handle over one million passes of an 80,000lb vehicle, and have a lifespan of over 10 years. You can use the same trackout mats for multiple projects by easily moving them from site to site.
  • Cost-effective: Most worksites require only 5-8 mats per entrance, and the mats can be reused over years or even decades with minimal cleaning or maintenance required.

Where you can purchase trackout mats

Nettles stocks FODS trackout mats at our Kansas City warehouse. You can either pick up your trackout mats Monday through Friday, or we can deliver to your location or jobsite.

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