Polyiso demand issues have your roofing projects in Jeopardy? There is a solution.

Are you having difficulties getting Polyiso for your commercial roofing projects?

Are your material prices skyrocketing? 

Is this jeopardizing your projects and profitability? 

We can help by providing a better solution at a lower price.

Waiting for Polyiso is not an option for everyone. Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) is available now and will get your roofing projects back on schedule.

The problem

           It’s simple: without insulation materials, you cannot complete your roofing projects. Everyone in the construction industry is feeling the pains of material shortages. Roofing projects dependent on Polyiso are being especially hard hit. With demand growing as the number of construction projects increase, the Polyiso shortage is expected to extend well into 2022.

What this shortage means for roofing projects

           Roofers using Polyiso are stuck. Without access to Polyiso they are experiencing significant delays. Inability to meet construction schedules creates management nightmares – manpower downtime, irregular billings, and most notably loss of revenue.  Pushing construction schedules well into the future jeopardizes their ability to meet deadlines.  Some roofers have been forced to cancel projects altogether. Those who can source Polyiso are finding price increases are threatening their profitability.

The solution

Don’t miss deadlines waiting for Polyiso. Get your project moving forward again with Nettles’ LWIC Roof Deck System. Not only will LWIC save your schedule, it is more durable and cost-effective over the long-term than traditional roof deck systems. Learn more about the advantages of LWIC here.

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