Project Summary

Nettles CS teamed with Armstrong Tectum to provide turnkey installation of Acoustical Roof Deck Panels for the new Rec, Play and Cafe areas.

Nettles - Artavia Recreation Center - Building skeleton
Nettles - Artavia Recreation Center - Tectum Install
Nettles - Artavia Recreation Center - Tectum in place
Nettles - Artavia Recreation Center - header image
“Nettles was great to work with on this project. The Tectum material they used for the roof deck was excellent and performed as advertised. We ran into some issues in the field, but Nettles worked with us so there were no delays. We are happy, the owner is happy, and the architect is happy. Everything turned out great.”
Kyle Hohnbaum
Project Manager - Millis Development & Construction

The Problem

An important design consideration for new high traffic facilities is the acoustics of the space.  The owner, architect, and construction team were looking for an all-in-one solution that provided High NRC (noise reverberation reduction) and High R-value for insulation at the roof/ceiling of the facility. The roof deck also needed to act as a strong structural building component for the necessary substrate for the selected metal roof of the building.

The Nettles Solution

The optimal solution for the architect’s problem was Armstrong’s Tectum III roof deck. Tectum roof deck provides an integrated High NRC Acoustical Rated Material without having to add acoustical treatment after owner occupancy.  The panels provide excellent energy rating of R-30 combatting the Texas heat. The panels further provided the strong abuse resistant face required in recreation areas where activities could damage lesser materials.

Nettles - Artavia Recreation Center - overview
"This project was broken into 3 buildings with a difficult panel layout. Each panel needed precision cuts especially at edge details. The weather always comes into play with Roof Deck products and this project was no different. Millis brought their knowledge of construction of rec facilities and understanding of what subcontractors need for a successfully scheduled project. Millis and Curry Boudreaux were excellent partners in turning a timely and profitable project."
Bryan Batchman
General Manager - Nettles Construction Solutions

Nettles works with owners, architects and general contractors across Texas and Oklahoma to help them determine the best roof deck solution for their projects. We are roof deck experts with decades of experience. Contact us to learn more about Armstrong Tectum and our other roof deck products.