Project Overview

Facility: Texas City, TX Enterprise Terminal Dock Expansion

General Contractor: Piling, Inc.

Engineers: CH2MHill / Jacobs

Owner: Enterprise Crude Pipeline, LLC.

Services Provided: Cellular Concrete Engineered Fill

Project Summary

We placed low-density cellular concrete (LDCC) fill behind approximately 220 wall feet failed bulkhead at the Seaway Texas City Dock.

The Problem

The Seaway Texas City Docks are tidally influenced.  The specific area of the project is subject to poor soils and that coupled with the changing tides makes for a platform/dock vulnerable to erosion.  Our client was looking for a permanent solution to deal with the erosion issues.

The Nettles Solution

Low-density cellular concrete was the perfect solution for this application. The reduction in weight from using cellular concrete allowed for less overturning moment and sliding forces. The flowability of the cellular concrete allowed it to contour to the forms/dock without compaction. The finished product was a solid slab for the dock which experiences large active loads.

"We really appreciated the way Enterprise Crude Pipeline, LLC. and CH2MHill worked with our LDCC flowable material. Ease of access and great partners in Piling, LLC. made for a first class project. The wall was installed per schedule and I expect will perform for years to come."
Bryan Batchman
General Manager - Nettles Construction Solutions

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