Project Overview

Facility: Hancock Whitney Bank

General Contractor: JR Jones Roofing

Owner: Hancock Whitney Bank

Services: Metal Roof Deck

Hancock Whitney Bank - Metal Deck

Project Summary

Nettles Construction Solutions stocks Metal Roof Decking in the Houston, TX Market. Nettles also has installation capabilities and works with numerous Roofing Contractors throughout the region. This ability came in handy when a recent Hurricane wrecked numerous buildings in Lake Charles, LA and regional roofing contractors needed a go to source.

Hancock Whitney Bank - Metal Deck - in process - 1600 x 300

The Problem

In August 2020, Hurricane Laura caused substantial damage to many buildings in the Lake Charles, LA area.  Some of the most significant damage was to the roofs of buildings. The roof damage needed to be repaired immediately in order to minimize damage to the interior of the structure. The problem was finding a roofing subcontractor that had access to enough roof deck material and manpower to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

There was a sense or urgency because the building literally did not have a roof over most of the structure. JR Jones Roofing hired Nettles to furnish metal decking and provide the install since most of the roof was ripped off from the storm.  

Hancock Whitney Bank - Metal Deck - complete - 1600 x 300

The Nettles Solution

JR Jones Roofing hired Nettles Construction Solutions to furnish metal decking and provide the install. Nettles was called on Monday morning to perform work by Wednesday of the same week.  This required immediate action on Nettles’ to make this all happen.

Nettles stocks metal decking in our warehouse for situations just like this. We did not have to wait for delivery from a manufacturer or distributor.

For the installation teams, Nettles was able to adjust their schedules in order to get the manpower on the job to get the project completed in the timeframe required.

Few companies can provide immediate action like we provide and that is why our customers make us their first phone call when they need a helping hand.

"Anytime we have the opportunity to work with the team from JR Jones Roofing we know that the project will be a success. From start to finish, it’s always a pleasant experience!"
Kevin Soots
Nettles Construction Solutions

If you are in the Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana area and need help with your roof deck or metal deck project, we are here to help. We are experts in roof deck systems and have multiple solutions that will meet your needs. Contact us to learn more.