Project Overview

Facility: Phillips 66 #1

Owner: Phillips 66

Location: Kansas City, KS

Services: Engineered flowable fill

Project Summary

Nettles Construction Solutions was hired as an engineered flowable fill contractor to fill an abandoned pipe and sump inlet.

The Problem

A drainage pipe near the Phillips 66 in Kansas City, Kansas, had a void that needed to be filled. The project was complicated, because the site was in a critical area near a waterway and the pipe was connected to a large sump inlet (used to collect or release stored water). The owners needed a reliable engineered fill contractor that could completely fill the pipe and inlet.

The Nettles Solution

The Nettles Construction Solutions engineered fill team assessed the project, with special attention to the critical area and close proximity to the waterway. After determining the volume of fill needed, Nettles worked with the client’s project manager to set an optimal mix design for the low-density cellular concrete. The light weight and highly flowable nature of LDCC make it an optimal solution for void fills.

Next, the team determined the ideal setup area for the equipment. This was a challenge, given the presence of a large levee wall. The client also wanted the fill to be poured from the downstream end up to the sump.

Once the planning phase was complete, the fill took approximately half a day, including setup time.

"This project was completed in a short amount of time and with high quality. We are looking forward to doing more projects with Nettles."
Phillips 66 Superintendent

Nettles is one of the largest and most respected subcontractors and installers of engineered flowable fill in the country. We work across the Midwest, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, the Dakotas, and more. To learn more, check out our other featured projects or get in touch with an expert.