Project Overview

Project Summary

Nettles Construction Solutions was hired for a new elementary school construction project. The new school would be approximately 133,365 square feet, with multiple roof areas at both 1 and 2 stories high. The slope was in the structure, and the roof deck system required a minimum R-value of R-25 to meet code.

The Problem

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide shortage of roofing materials, posing serious challenges for general contractors and roofers. It was difficult or impossible to get the polyisocyanurate board insulation, adhesives, fasteners, and membranes required to create traditional roof deck systems. The supply chain delays could delay or even cancel construction projects, and prices went through the roof. When the new Sampson-Howard Elementary School construction project was approved, the general contractor needed to ensure that a reliable and high-performing roof deck system could be installed on time and on budget.

The Nettles Solution

The materials required for lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) roof deck systems are cement, EPS insulation, and foaming agent, all of which are readily available without the long lead times of traditional roofing materials. The Nettles team was able to install a LWIC roof deck system that was higher-performing, more sustainable, and more cost-effective for the owner.

A traditional polyiso roof deck system needs to be completely torn down to the substrate and disposed of in a landfill within about 20 years of installation. The owner must account not only for the initial cost of the roof deck, but for these additional reroofing costs. With LWIC roof deck systems, however, roofing contractors can install an additional membrane directly over the old one, saving the owner money and causing a less severe environmental footprint.

By providing a LWIC roof deck system for Sampson-Howard Elementary, the Nettles team was able to achieve the required slope and R-value while staying on schedule and within budget.

"We were able to complete our scope of work on time and on budget. This was a great project to work on and went smoothly from start to finish, because of the teamwork atmosphere that was established."
Coy Goodwin
General Superintendent, Nettles Construction Solutions

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