Project Overview

Location: Kansas City, KS

Services: Spray Applied Fireproofing

Project Summary

Nettles Construction Solutions was hired to remove oxidation on a customer’s structural steel and apply intumescent paint fireproofing.


The Problem

If structural steel is not shop primed, it will oxidize quickly when exposed to the elements. Our customer was faced with the problem of heavily oxidized structural steel, preventing their building from passing inspection. Due to the job conditions, the customer was unable to de-oxidize, prime, and fireproof the steel onsite.

The Nettles Solution

The Nettles Construction Solutions spray applied fireproofing team had the oxidized steel delivered to our shop, where we sandblasted the oxidation away to expose a like-new steel finish. The steel was then able to pass inspection.

Following inspection, the team primed the steel with a compatible primer and then applied the intumescent paint coatings. We used Thermosorb VOC intumescent paint. Once it dried, the steel was transported back to the jobsite and erected.

Although this was an unusual situation for our customer, Nettles was able to provide a timely and effective solution. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers no matter what–we have the space and expertise to solve any problem that general contractors may encounter.

"We are a solutions-based business that will take on the most challenging projects in order to move any project in the right direction."
Dan Hissong
Sprayed Fireproofing Sales Manager

Nettles is one of the largest and most respected subcontractors and installers of spray applied fireproofing in the country. We work across the Midwest, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, the Dakotas, and more. To learn more, check out our other featured projects or get in touch with an expert.