Project Overview

Facility: Texas State University – JC Kellam (JCK) Administration Building

Owner: Texas State University

Location: San Marcos, Texas

General contractor: Flintco

Construction manager: Seth Pustejovsky

Architect: Gensler

Services: Low-density gypsum leveling

Project Summary

Nettles Construction Solutions was hired to provide floor leveling services for the 11th floor of the JCK Building at Texas State University, using low-density gypsum material.

The Problem

The JCK building previously had exterior balconies with sloped concrete floors for drainage. For the renovation, the engineer specified a weight requirement of less than 90 pounds per cubic foot (PCF). Regular gypsum typically has a density of 115 PCF, so the customer required a lighter weight/lower density solution that would still achieve the required 2500 psi to receive the final finish floor goods.

The project posed other challenges, including the high pour (on the 11th story of the building), the coordination of labor/crews and equipment, and the general contractor, Flintco’s, requirement of non-standard working hours.

The Nettles Solution

Before work began, Nettles’s estimating and pre-construction team visited the site with a couple field superintendents to develop a plan and offer a variety of solutions to resolve the weight problem. This level of pre-execution involvement is rare for subcontractors, but gave the GC peace of mind that the Nettles team had extensive knowledge and expertise to apply to this project.

Nettles was able to execute a two-layer gypsum floor solution. The first layer lift involves leveling with a coat of Maxxon low-density fill, which was then capped with a lift of regular 3/4″ gypsum at 2500 psi to meet the weight requirement.

The Nettles crew coordinated the timely delivery of equipment and site materials, and worked overnight to ensure that the GC, Flintco, stayed on schedule.

"Despite the complexity of the new product application process and the intricacies of this job, we were happy to be able to finish the job on time."
Sasa Scherzer
Regional Sales Manager, Gypsum Underlayment

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