Project Overview

Facility: Waco Family Medicine

General Contractor: Beck

Architect: HKS

Owner: Waco Family Medicine

Services: Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck System

Project Summary

Waco Family Medicine hired Beck as the general contractor to build a new central medical office building that would enable them to care for patients in the Waco region. The building was four stories tall, with roof areas on floors 2 and 4.

The Problem

HKS, the architecture firm attached to the project, designed a complete roof assembly that included Lightweight Insulating Cellular Concrete (LWIC) as the base of the design. Since there are only a few trained, skilled, and experienced LWIC subcontractors in the Texas region, Beck needed to find a reliable provider of LWIC roof deck systems that were high-quality, durable, and could be installed on time and on budget.

The Nettles Solution

Our team of experts leveraged the company’s 60+ years of experience with lightweight insulating cellular concrete to install a LWIC roof for the building. We poured an initial layer of slurry over the concrete deck, then added a layer of EPS “Holey Board” insulation, providing the building owners with the needed R-value and satisfying fireproofing and other code requirements.

LWIC is an attractive solution for many new construction projects given its low weight, so it can easily meet most load requirements. Nettles LWIC roof decks range from 6.9-8.2 psf.

Less than 3 days after the LWIC was poured, the roofers were able to install the membrane over the various roof surfaces.

"We are proud to be a trusted contractor that can perform at the highest level. We worked with the owner, architect, and general contractor to create this great addition to the medical community in Waco."
Shane Mullinix
Roof Deck Systems - Nettles Construction Solutions

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