Nettles Construction Services has been the dominant industry player for insulated roof deck systems in the Midwest for generations. The reason? We combine a dedication to family values with an emphasis on delivering excellent customer service and facilitating open communication that attracts new customers and ensures that our existing customers keep coming back.

“The main reason we’ve been successful is the people we have and the culture we generate around the office,” said Gary Davenport, President of Nettles Construction Solutions. “We’ve always been family-oriented. It’s been a tightly-held, family-owned company and family is very important to us.”

Our emphasis on family values affects how we do business—we treat our customers like family. “We don’t have problems,” Davenport said. “If we do something wrong in the field we take responsibility, we go out and we fix it. And we’ve got a great reputation in the community because of that.” We guarantee a seamless experience for our customers: WestPro does all our own installations, and most of our superintendents have more than 15 years’ experience with the company.

The office’s atmosphere of friendly and open collaboration was facilitated by our recent move to a new headquarters in Kansas City, KS. Before the move, our company offices had stretched over two smaller offices, which Davenport found made it harder to create the environment he wanted. “The new office is more open and modern, focused on communication and collaboration,” he said. “Our personnel interact a lot, we have gone from coat-and-tie to more casual dress, a more relaxed atmosphere. I think you develop a better relationship being able to work closely together.”

This emphasis on communication and collaboration also applies to Nettles’ relationships with clients, which is why we have managed to retain a reputation of excellence in the region for so long. “We get a lot of our work through referrals and repeat customers—once we get customers lined up they seem to come back to us because of our service,” Davenport said. “Other players don’t have the history or reputation we have, and that’s been the major reason we’ve been able to exist in the market.”

We believe that honest communication with our clients is a cornerstone of good customer service. “We don’t just go out to market, we try to develop relationships and create repeat business,” Davenport said. “The people who have used us in the past continue to use us because even though the construction industry is evolving, we’ve been able to show how our products are still relevant to the market. The main reason we’re good at those relationships is the people we have—we’re all communicators, making people comfortable with what we’re doing, and showing them the benefits of what we install.”

For Davenport, face-to-face communication is one of the key customer service elements which sets WestPro apart. “When you can’t communicate face-to-face you have problems—what are you going to do, text the owner of a business?” Davenport said. “The communicators are becoming fewer and fewer because of the modern means of communicating. I think that’s one of the things we’re able to do—go out and communicate with people on a face-to-face level. People know that if they call us, we’re going to help them. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we’ll find somebody. But we respond to people.”

We want to respond to you. To find out how Nettles can help you with your construction project, contact us.