Introducing Ron Contreras: Nettles’ New Cellular Concrete Engineered Fill (EF) Expert

When it comes to Low-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC), Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM), Engineered Fill (EF), Flowable Fill, and finding the right subcontractor to ensure your project goes smoothly is essential. Luckily, Ron has joined the Nettles team and is ready to help our customers find construction solutions that work for them. Ron may not have been born a Texan, but he was certainly raised one after moving to San Angelo at 4 years old. After graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in Civil Engineering, he started his career in roadway and hydraulics design and has honed a wide range of skills that have set him up perfectly to help Nettles customers.

Have Your Questions Answered By An Expert.

As our resident Cellular Concrete Engineered Fill Sales Specialist, Ron brings his civil engineering experience to the table to help our customers understand how engineered fill can help their construction project. With his roots in engineering, he has gained extensive experience in civil and architectural construction, and above all else, problem-solving. Exclusively working in LDCC engineered fill, Ron is ready and able to use his knowledge to help customers in all the regions we serve find the right solution.

Let Us Help You Lighten the Load.

If you are working on a Cellular Concrete Engineered Fill project in Texas or Oklahoma, Ron is here to help lighten your load. Whether you have a project that you know will need Cellular Concrete, or are just wondering if engineered fill is the right fit for your project’s needs, Ron’s engineering expertise and extensive customer service skills can help you get the answers you need. Give him a call.

Have Questions about Engineered Flowable Fill?

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Ron Contreras
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