Pan decking, composite decking and concrete decking materials

Nettles Construction Solutions is a distributor of composite deck materials for clients throughout the Midwest and South Central US with a focus on Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska.

What’s the difference between pan decking, composite decking and concrete decking?

Actually, all of those terms mean the same thing. Every manufacturer calls pan decking something different, but they all refer to the same process.

What is pan decking? Composite decking? Concrete decking?

All three types of decking, also called underslab decking or VLI decking, are most often used under suspended concrete slabs like basements and parking garages. Nettles supplies pan decking at 20 gauge thickness and 1.5 inches, 2 inches, or 3 inches tall. The alternative to pan decking for suspended concrete slabs is to frame the concrete in with 2×4 wood slabs, then remove the wood after the concrete sets. Pan decking is more efficient and more reliable, which is why it is now the required process in several cities.

What kinds of composite decking does Nettles supply?