Pipe Fills and Pipeline Void Fills Using Engineered Flowable Fill


Engineered Fill is a type of flowable fill that inserts air bubbles into a cement mixture, making the fill significantly lighter and easier to pump. One of the most common applications of engineered fill is pipe fills (also called pipeline fills, pipe void fills, or pipeline void fills).


Construction code mandates that unused pipes cannot be simply abandoned–they must be either removed or filled. Removing abandoned pipes can be both time-consuming and expensive, which is why engineered fill is often the best solution. Using Engineered Flowable Fill, the Nettles team can fill pipelines quickly and easily. We can pump the substance from over 1,000 feet away, and the engineered fill flows very easily and fills a lot of space, while still being significantly lighter than other flowable fills.


Pipe Void FillsPipe-fill-300x177

Pipeline Fills often refer specifically to filling an abandoned pipe. But engineered fill can also be used to fill the space between pipes, or between pipes and other materials. This is called pipe void fills, or pipeline void fills. When adding a sliplined pipe, for example (a pipe within a pipe), it is necessary to use an annular fill to take up the space between the inner and outer pipe.

Nettles can help–our engineered fill solution can solve annular space challenges quickly, lightly, and cost-effectively.

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