Engineered Structural Composite
Roof Deck Systems

Engineered Structural Composite Roof Deck Systems

For pitched roofs that demand high-performance, we offer Loadmaster, an engineered structural composite roof deck system.  In this system, corrugated steel deck, roof insulation, and a high-density gypsum coverboard are fastened together to form a structural composite. This system is ideal for buildings in hurricane prone areas that must meet very high wind uplift requirements. Loadmaster is a leader in structural composite roof decks and has extensive uplift testing and joint warranties with a number of roofing manufacturers. Loadmaster is customized for each project and we can work with designers to develop a design to meet their needs.

Engineered Structural Composite Roof Deck roof termination - 500x333

Engineered Roof Termination

We can also provide engineered roof termination and transition assemblies by Loadmaster. These assemblies, made from light-gauge steel, eliminate the need for wood blocking and in many cases the need for perimeter structural steel.

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