On August 15, WestPro Construction Solutions hosted the Fairfax Industrial Association’s monthly luncheon at our new headquarters in Kansas City, KS. Over one hundred people from the Fairfax Industrial District attended the event, representing dozens of businesses across a wide variety of different industries.

“I love these luncheons,” said John Littleton from Johnson County Community College. “I make sure to go to at least a couple each year–they’re great networking opportunities.” Fairfax Industrial Association organizes nine luncheons each year, held at different businesses in the Fairfax district and highlighting a variety of speakers and topics.


The August 2018 luncheon was sponsored by Delta Innovative Services, Inc. and hosted at WestPro’s Kansas City Headquarters. Speakers included Melissa Clark, Executive Director of Fairfax Industrial Association, Gary Davenport, President and CEO of WestPro Construction Solutions, Dan Doty from Delta Innovative Services, and Congressman Kevin Yoder.

“We’re honored to serve this event,” said Michael Garozzo of Garozzo’s Ristorante, who catered the luncheon. “We’re happy to be here meeting with so many local businesspeople. Plus, our chicken spiedini always travels well.”

Lunch was followed by a speech from Congressman Yoder, as well as a Q&A session during which attendees could bring up issues that are important to them and their businesses. “The people who work in Fairfax are some of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know,” Congressman Yoder said. “I think the future here is really bright, and I look forward to continuing to serve these people.”


The August luncheon represented WestPro’s first hosting event in conjunction with Fairfax Industrial Association. “This was a great welcome to the neighborhood,” said Mark Van Doren, Vice President and Co-Owner of WestPro. “I think this was a good way to show off our new facility and take part in this great community of businesses.”

“WestPro has been a great addition to Fairfax,” said Melissa Clark, Executive Director of Fairfax Industrial Association. “We had a great turnout, and we are very grateful to WestPro for hosting. We really look forward to working together with WestPro for future events.”

Upcoming Fairfax events include the September luncheon and the Fairfax Festival, which will take place on Thursday, October 4 and feature live music, games, rides, food, raffles, and historical re-enactments.

Below are a sampling of photos from the event. For more information, visit https://fiakck.org/luncheons/