Project Overview

The Nettles team worked with Selser Schaefer Architects and Crossland Construction on the design and construction of the new Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice. Nettles was able to provide product solutions for multiple design issues, including a low-maintenance and durable roof deck assembly, passive fire protection and acoustical treatment.

“WestPro (Nettles) produced great quality, maintained schedule and safety was top priority. It was a pleasure having them on site and will look forward to working with them again in the near future!”

Brian Denney, Crossland Construction Company

The Problem – Designing a High-Value Roof System

The Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice is a large public investment that must be built to last. The building needs to be durable, low-maintenance AND affordable.

“I’ve been talking to the same firm for over ten years about this job,” said Mark Van Doren, VP of Nettles Construction Solutions. “Usually when you pursue something that long it goes away or falls apart, but we just kept at it and saw it through to the end and now it’s finally a reality.”

The Nettles Solution

The Nettles team poured about 95,000 square feet of Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) over a steel roof deck. Selser Schaefer advocated for our LWIC roof system because of its long-term durability and lifecycle cost savings. With LWIC, the insulation does not need to be torn off and replaced during reroofing. This can save over half the cost of future reroofing projects, making LWIC an excellent solution (for more information, check out our article on LWIC).

The building also includes a large, open recreational space, which needed sound attenuation. On this area, Nettles installed Tectum-E panels, which are structural, insulated roof panels with sound-absorbent Tectum on the underside. Tectum E & E-N Panels provide a structural roof deck, roof insulation and interior sound control all in one easy to install product. Tectum is also highly durable and low-maintenance.

In addition to these roof deck solutions, Nettles provided spray applied fireproofing to areas of the building that required fire ratings mandated by life safety building codes. “One of the reasons we got into fireproofing in the first place is to allow us to better serve the general contracting community,” said Mark Van Doren. “We can supplement the services we’re already offering on a building with spray-applied fireproofing.”

“Mark Van Doren knows his stuff and is a resource we lean on quite often.  Plus, he always brings us some of the best cookies!

We appreciate Mark and WestPro (Nettles) working with us on the Family Center for Juvenile Justice project, providing a quality project that the community can enjoy for many years to come.”

Justin Sack, Selser Schaefer Architects

This project was a decade in the making, and the team at Nettles is excited to have been able to see it from start to finish. “These things don’t usually happen–this is maybe the most unique project I’ve ever chased,” said Mark Van Doren. “But WestPro (Nettles) isn’t a one-off type company. We’re here to see projects from beginning to end.”

Interested in an Insulating Concrete Roof System or Tectum Roof Deck for your next project?