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Nettles Construction Solutions, originally called G.L. Nettles, Inc., was founded by Gerald Lafayette Nettles in Brenham, TX, in 1979 with a focus on Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Decks. Guided by our core values of professionalism, integrity, friendliness and pride, we have expanded into new markets and rebranded to better reflect the value we bring to the construction industry. Want to learn more about who we are?

Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck Systems

We are market-leading installers of Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Deck Systems. For commercial buildings, LWIC Roof Decks have several significant advantages over traditional roof insulation systems, including lower life-cycle costs, higher R-values, built-in air-barriers and more economical fire ratings

Commercial Roofers: Polyiso demand issues have your projects in Jeopardy? There is a Solution.

Are you having problems with your commercial roofing projects because you cannot get ISO? Is the roof holding up your schedule? We can keep you on schedule with a lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) roof deck. 

Engineered Flowable Fill with
Low-Density Cellular Concrete

Low-density cellular concrete (LDCC) has many advantages as a flowable fill and can be used as an engineered fill for a variety of civil and geotechnical applications. Some of the most common applications include pipeline grouting, void fills, abandonment fills, soil stabilization and weight-reducing fills for bridge approaches, retaining walls and foundations. We have deep experience with engineered fills across all types of applications and would love to talk to you about your specific needs.

Metal Decking

Nettles Construction Solutions stocks a variety of metal decking, including roof deck, form deck and composite deck. Our inventory includes multiple stock lengths in a variety of profiles, gauges and finishes. We have a full-time sales person to assist with pricing and availability, and we offer special orders, cut-to-length and delivery services. We serve clients throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and offer immediate customer pick-up or same-day delivery.

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