Project Overview

Facility:  Town Creek Office/Retail, New Braunfels, TX

General Contractor: Williams-Hirsch Custom Builders, Inc 

Architect: Davey McEathron Architecture

Services: Gypsum Floor Underlayment

Town Creek-Internal-Long View-home

Project Summary

For this commercial office/retail project, the team at Nettles provided a gypsum floor underlayment over a sound mat on the 2nd floor office space that will be built out at a later date upon occupancy.

"This was the first time we worked with Nettles, and the project went very well. Anthony was very informative and always on top of things. He was in continuous communication to make sure the project went smoothly. The installation was completed on time and with no issues or delays. This is a great product and we look forward to working with Nettles on future projects."
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Greg Hirsch
Williams-Hirsch Custom Builders, Inc

The Problem

This is a commercial office/retails space so it was important to the architect that sound does not transfer between floors. In addition, this is a new construction project that is going to be built out as office space is leased, so there were few interior walls. This meant that we had a 9,300-square-foot open space to be poured prior to drywall installation.

Floor Underlayment - complete

The Nettles Solution

In order to solve the problem our client was dealing with, we installed a 1” gypsum underlayment over a ¼” sound mat to prevent impact noise from traveling through the floor. 

The products we used included Maxxon Gypcrete and Maxxon Acousti-Mat. These two products are designed to work together and tests show they provide a dramatic increase in IIC ratings. Maxxon is a leader in the industry, and their materials are the highest quality and provide a great finish to install flooring over. Maxxon Gypcrete is also very eco-friendly, and will help to ensure safety and fire-proof protection as well as to meet other building codes.

Town Creek-external shot
Town Creek Internal shot
Town Creek Long View
“This was the first time that we at Nettles worked with Greg at Williams-Hirsch Custom Builders, and the project went very well. The installation was completed on time and with no problems or delays. We provided a great finished product for the owner, and we look forward to working with Williams-Hirsch again on future projects.”
Anthony Rather, Gypsum Underlayment Sales
Nettles Construction Solutions

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