How to Choose the Right Engineered Fill Contractor or Engineered Flowable Fill Contractor

Nettles Engineered Fill Installation 1

Choosing the right engineered fill contractor is an important decision. The installation of engineered flowable fill is a science. But there is also an art to the process. Engineered fill projects normally require the movement of tons of fill material. If done properly, the engineered fill project goes off without a hitch. If there is a problem, the best case scenario is expensive rework will be required that could delay a job for weeks. In a worst-case scenario, there could be damage to the infrastructure of the project that would require expensive rework from multiple trades and months of delays.

Choosing the right contractor for your engineered fill project installation is an important decision. When considering a subcontractor, the following are key factors to consider:

  • Nettles Engineered Fill Install #2Experience – Make sure you choose a subcontractor that has experience performing jobs similar to your project. There is simply no substitute for experience.
  • Trust – When things don’t go as planned, you need a company and a partner you trust to do the right thing.  Choose the right subcontractor and build a lasting relationship. 
  • Equipment to do the Job Right – The installation of engineered fill requires specialized equipment and a significant capital investment. It is important to understand the type of engineered fill your subcontractor will be using and how they will install it.

At Nettles Construction, we are experts in the installation of LDCC engineered fill. We work throughout the Midwest and South Central US with a focus on Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. We perform the following types of engineered fill projects:

    • Lateral Load Reduction FillsNettles Engineered Fill Install #3
    • Vertical Load Reduction Fills
    • Annular Space Grouting, Pipeline Fills, Void Fills & Mine Fills
    • Soil Stabilization Fills
    • Utility Fills 
    • Roadway Base Fills
    • Load Balancing Fills
    • Weight Reducing Fills
    • Bridge Approaches
    • Steel Arch Culvert Fills / Fills Over Culverts / Lightweight Levee Structures
    • Landslip Repair Fills & Fills Over Marginal Building Sites

Contact an expert to learn more about our engineered fill solutions and to discuss your next engineered fill project.