Lightweight Insulating Concrete
Roof Deck Systems


What Are Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roof Deck Systems?

Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Decks are high-performance roof insulation systems that reduce roof maintenance and replacement costs. Insulating concrete is batched on-site and used to encapsulate expanded polystyrene insulation to provide permanent roof insulation and slope-to-drain. LWIC decks provide high R-values, built-in air barriers, fire ratings, sound ratings and improve the overall performance of the building envelope.


Advantages of Lightweight Insulating Concrete
Roof Deck Systems

Lower Life-Cycle Costs

LWIC roof decks are a permanent roof insulation system. This greatly reduces the cost of roof replacement, lowering life-cycle costs.

High R-Values

LWIC roof deck systems provide higher R-values with less stress on the roofing membrane than traditional roofing systems.

Hourly Fire Ratings

LWIC provides an hourly rated roof system, reducing the cost of protecting the building structure.

Structurally Sound

In a LWIC system, a thin layer of insulating concrete, called the slurry, is first poured over the structural deck. Expanded polystyrene insulation is then embedded in the slurry. The concrete hardens, holding the insulation in place, after which another 1-2 inch layer of concrete is poured. Once that layer is secure, the roofer can adhere or fasten the roof membrane to the top layer of insulating concrete.


LWIC Saves You Time and Money

LWIC can reduce roofing costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the building. Since the insulation layer is embedded in concrete, it doesn’t have to be removed along with the roof membrane during a roof replacement. In addition, building owners can save money on fireproofing and air barrier installation by opting for LWIC. LWIC systems are already fireproof, and the system of insulating concrete and expanded polystyrene insulation acts as a built-in air barrier, preventing warm and cool air from mixing and maximizing the performance of the insulation.

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