Metal Deck

Commercial Roofers: Metal Roof Deck issues holding up your project? We have a solution.

Are you having problems with your commercial roofing projects because you cannot get metal deck? Is the roof holding up your schedule? We can keep you on schedule with our Tectum cementitious wood fiber roof deck system. 

What Is Metal Deck?

Metal Deck, sometimes referred to as steel deck, is a corrugated sheet metal used over structural supports as a decking material. The metal deck is made of steel and comes in a variety of gauges and profiles. Metal deck is popular for commercial construction because it is strong, light (it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio), cost-effective, and easy to install.

What Are the Different Types of Metal Deck?

There are three basic types of metal deck: roof, form, and composite.  Roof decks are used as the structural base for commercial roofs.  Form and composite decks are used as a form for concrete and can be used for floors or roof structures.

Why Use Nettles Construction for Your Metal Deck Needs

We Stock Metal Deck in Two Locations

We stock roof deck, form deck, and composite deck components in a variety of sizes, profiles, gauges, and finishes in both our Houston and Oklahoma City locations.

Services Beyond Just Providing the Product

We do more than just stock metal deck. We provide services such as rush-orders, pick-up, delivery, cut-to-length, and custom orders.

We Offer Delivery and Pick Up Five Days/Week

If you have an emergency and need metal deck today, we have you covered. We can deliver or you can pick up the material Mon-Fri every week.

We're Experts in Metal Deck

Nettles Construction Solutions is one of the largest and most respected subcontractors and installers of metal deck in the country. We work throughout Texas including the Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi markets. We work throughout Oklahoma including the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, and Broken Arrow markets. 

If you have a metal deck project in Texas or Oklahoma and are looking for a subcontractor or installer, give us a call.

Have Questions about Metal Deck?

Are you looking for metal deck and not sure what you need? Do you know exactly what you need and want to know if we have it in stock?

Contact one of our metal deck specialists:

Bryan Smith
Metal Deck Sales