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Interior Tectum

Tectum Interior Acoustical Products are made by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions. Tectum produces some of the top noise reduction solutions for commercial spaces.

Tectum features include:

  • Outstanding sound absorption
  • Tough, abuse-resistant construction
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Quick and easy installation procedures
  • Class A building product

Armstrong produces a variety of Tectum products for different applications. The following are some of the products we can provide for our clients:


Tectum Wall Panels

Tectum Wall Panels offer a permanent and attractive solution for treating enclosed spaces with undesirable noise levels. They are extremely abuse-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty, making them ideal for gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms.

Tectum Finale Panels

Tectum Finale Panels are prefabricated panels that consist of Tectum Wall Panels and Tectum Furring Strips with sound-absorbing insulation between the furring strips. Finale Panels simplify installation and increase the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

Tectum Lay-In Ceiling Panels

Tectum Lay-In Ceiling Panels combine a unique textured beauty with superior abuse-resistance. These impact-resistant wood fiber panels combine several functions that truly set them apart for use in commercial, institutional, recreational, and industrial buildings.

tectum celing panel - nettles construction solutions - 550x514

TECTUM Cloud Panels

Tectum Cloud Panels deliver design flexibility and acoustical performance in areas where a grid is not practical and superior noise control is needed. Tectum Clouds are designed for a floating system with no visible suspension.

Tectum Panel Art

Tectum Panel Art wall panels feature eight different prefabricated shapes, which allow for artistic patterns and designs while providing the abuse-resistance and acoustical absorption the architecture community has come to rely on from Tectum products.


Tectum Custom Printed Panels

Custom Printed Panels are custom images on Tectum Wall Panels and enable designers to personalize their wall finishes to suit their clients’ individual needs while reducing noise in the space.


We are experts at roof deck systems at Nettles Construction. In addition to providing systems for new construction, we can help our clients with gypsum repair for roof deck systems. We can install gypsum repair patches, including USG Securock, Keydeck Mesh, and 218 Bulb Tees.

USG Securock™ Gypsum-Concrete Patch

The USG Securock™ Gypsum-Concrete Patch is mill formulated and composed of specially calcined gypsum and wood chips or shavings. It is mixed at the jobsite with clean water only and poured in place as a patch for existing gypsum decks. USG Securock Gypsum-Concrete Patch is noncombustible and used in several UL-approved roof deck systems.

Keydeck® Mesh

KeyDeck woven wire mesh is commonly used in repair of poured gypsum roof decks. Keydeck mesh is made up of 2″ hexagonal mesh composed of woven 19-gauge galvanized wires with an additional 16-gauge galvanized longitudinal wire placed at every 3″ interval of its width.

218 Bulb Tees

Bulb Tees are high strength, lightweight, steel sections used as structural sub-purlins in specialty roof decks such as Tectum Wood plank, poured Gypsum decks, and Span-Rock Gypsum plank decks. Bulb Tees also make excellent bond beam for anchoring structural members, providing a continuous strip for attachment and reinforcement.

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