Featured Project: Buck O’Neil Bridge – Kansas City, MO

Project Overview Facility: Buck O’Neil Bridge Owner: City of Kansas City and Missouri Department of Transportation Location: Kansas City, MO General contractor: Massman-Clarkson Joint Venture Services: Engineered flowable fill Project Summary The Buck O’Neil Bridge, formerly known as the Broadway Bridge, is a triple arch bridge over the Missouri River, that serves as a key regional […]

Featured Project: Phillips 66 – Kansas City, Kansas

Project Overview Facility: Phillips 66 #1 Owner: Phillips 66 Location: Kansas City, KS Services: Engineered flowable fill Project Summary Nettles Construction Solutions was hired as an engineered flowable fill contractor to fill an abandoned pipe and sump inlet. The Problem A drainage pipe near the Phillips 66 in Kansas City, Kansas, had a void that […]

Flowable Fill Buyer’s Guide

Slip Lined Pipe with LDCC Engineered Fill

Engineered flowable fill, also called lightweight cellular concrete, cellular grout, low-density cellular concrete (LDCC), or controlled low-strength material (CLSM), is a robust and versatile material ideal for a variety of geotechnical applications. Nettles Construction Solutions is one of the largest and most well-respected contractors and installers of flowable fill in the country. We have decades […]

Featured Project: CECO Utility Trench Fill with Flowable Fill – Katy, Texas

Project Overview Application: Utility Trench Fill General Contractor: CECO Pipeline Services Services Provided: Elastizell Low-Density Cellular Concrete Flowable Fill Project Summary CECO Pipeline Services Company, an industrial services company focusing on new line lays, take up and relay, pipeline integrity work, fabrication, coating applications, corrosion remediation services, erosion control, mechanical services, compliance work, and more, […]

Pipe Fills and Pipeline Void Fills Using Engineered Flowable Fill


PIPE FILLS OR PIPELINE VOID FILLS USING ENGINEERED FLOWABLE FILL Engineered Fill is a type of flowable fill that inserts air bubbles into a cement mixture, making the fill significantly lighter and easier to pump. One of the most common applications of engineered fill is pipe fills (also called pipeline fills, pipe void fills, or […]